Thursday, October 30, 2008


Feelings come and feelings go,
but i dont know what to believe anymore.
I like the feeling of being loved and needed,
But why must u leave and let me feel faded?
I dont want to be your uninvited,
Feeling cold as if im naked.
Can u hear all my inquisitions,
when im alone with my intuition?
Though these words i say are true,
And I cant stand a day without you.
Why cant u just stay truely you,
And let me love you as i always do.
Every little move you've made,
and every little giggle u make.
Reminds me of how i felt,
the first time i saw deep inside of you.
Love me as you may,
leave me as i pray.
Hoping that we'll be true,
Both to Me and You... ..

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